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The Day the World Did Not End

"Celebrating the creation of the world (and a young man's entry into adulthood) at Shabbat services."

That's what I said when I was asked what I'd be doing on May 21, 2011, the day that the world was supposed to come to an end. And that's what I did - along with counting the 32nd day of the omer.

Because I'm a Jew, I refuse to waste time worrying about when God's going to pull the plug on this world. So last Friday I welcomed Shabbat, said the b'rachah "... al sefirat ha-omer," and counted off the 32nd day of the omer. And the next morning - in gloriously sunny weather - I davvened Shabbat morning tefillah and sang siman tov u-mazel tov over both a soon-to-be-married couple and a bar mitzvah.

If the deluded folks who were hell bent (so to speak) on being carried up in a Jonestown-type rapture had spent nearly half their energy on living each day to the best of their ability as they did on packing up and preparing to meet their maker, I think we'd have a much better world.

Tonight? I plan to recite "... al sefirat ha-omer," count Day 35, and get ready to make tomorrow the best day yet.


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