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Lions! Tigers! Bears! SCOTUS! A 2nd UNHELPFUL response to a bad decision.

In my last post, I argued that the nuclear-option "What are you so afraid of?" response to the recent SCOTUS decision was not only unhelpful, but it was an intellectual boomerang that in fact spoke to some of the greatest paranoias such a response was intended to dismiss.

Here's the second unhelpful response to the SCOTUS decision regarding public prayer preceding municipal meetings (basically ok since there was no proselytizing): It's known as the Chicken Little Reaction. OH MY GOD, POGROMS!!!!

I've heard this one a bunch of times so far. All I will say is that such over-the-top reactions unhelpfully disguise a very disturbing circle-the-wagons trend away from acknowledging minority rights, sensibilities and sensitivities.

Next time: Some saner responses.


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