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Omer Day 22: Lessons about God from a Cockapoo

My Maggie turns her existence over to us every day. She depends on us for her food, water, playtime, hugs. She may be descended from wolves, but we have created a life for her that requires constant surveillance. That's a huge responsibility on our part, and we have accepted it willingly. 

It was the same with our children: we brought them into the world to love and nurture them, take care of them until they could fly on their own (and God willing to be available even after that when their wings get clipped and they need and want some parental loving and comfort).

Don't you wish you could turn your life over to God - your will, your worries, your essence - and spend your days in total bliss? Maybe today we can - for a tiny bit - remember that while we do our daily work of partnering, we're not responsible for the entire universe, just our piece of it. And for today, that will have to be enough.  


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