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Elul 22: The memory lingers on ... (End)

Nothing really ever ends.

Fred and Ginger knew this:

Sound never really ends, it just fades away. A conductor may lay down her baton, but we continue to hear the harmonics and feel the sound waves vibrating. Phish songs never end. I thought the Philip Glass opera "Satyagraha" would never end. 

We humans never end, either. 

The worst of us, the Amaleks of our world, live on: we are commanded to remember their names precisely so we can blot out their names. 

Thankfully, the best of us live on through the genetics, attitudes, life lessons, tics, or eccentricities we pass to the next generation. Even without the genetic component, we pass on our essences through the love we share, the work we do with and for others. 

The melody lingers on ... 

We never really end. And that's such a blessing. 


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