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Elul 6: Believe ... All that and chocolate chip cookies, too

I believe that there is a power greater than myself that provides direction, guidance, discipline, love, wisdom, and, most of all, strength.

I believe that there will be a day of redemption when the lion and the lamb shall get together over coffee (metaphorically at least).

I believe that God forgives all sins and that everyone who gives the aware-admit-atone-amend teshuvah process a solid chance will be able to be at peace with the past.

I believe that hate and evil will be destroyed, that the wheels of justice that turn oh, so slowly will indeed eventually turn, that history favors the righteous.

I believe that the Isaac's of the world - not the Abrahams or the Jacobs - are among the most valuable people. While they don't change the world, and maybe don't get all the glory, they do transmit values and lessons.

Oh, yes ... and I believe that chocolate chip cookies are God's way of telling the universe, "I love you."

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