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When Pols Behave Badly

What gives in New York State? And how is it all of a sudden open season on wives?

First, (former NY Governor) Eliot Spitzer does the nasty with prostitutes, and "dr" Laura (ick) blames his wife for "obviously" not putting out. Then there's word that he may have used public funds for - well, I don't even want to think about where the money went. Am I the only grossed out at the mental visual of Eliot Spitzer with a hooker? Bleah.

Now (current NY Governor) David Paterson, "who has admitted having a number of extramarital affairs, indicated that if he ever used campaign money in the course of those relationships he would have properly reimbursed the campaign account" (NYTimes, March 19, 2008). What does this mean? "Gee, Mom, I would have shared the cookie I might have taken from the cookie jar without your permission with my sister?"

"A number of extramarital affairs..." Turns out these are what caused "Mr. Paterson (to ask) ..…

The Blank Page

I am afraid of heights, down escalators and a blank page with a looming deadline. That said, whenever I have something I want to shout out to the world, I rarely have the mechanism or the opportunity. Hence, "The Note: A Cantor's Random Insights."

Do I expect anyone to read this? Not really, but hey, you never know.

And so, on to Post #1.