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Time to shut down the "Jewish self-loathing" bitterness

I am fed up with claims that dissension in the Jewish ranks of the "I love Israel block" is a prima facie case of uneducated self-loathing, self-hatred and Jewish anti-Semitism. To those who promote such canards: you are not only off base but you are engaging in behavior that would make anti-Semites proud. So there ... it cuts both ways.

A friend forwarded this article by Daniel Gordis to a group of friends. It has me very upset, so I'm going to weigh in.

Thanks to a family graduation, I plan to be at Brandeis to enjoy Ambassador Oren's speech [as I did at the URJ Biennial in Toronto in November] and Paul Simon's music [he's receiving an honorary degree and word on the street has it that he's going to sing].

Please understand that I take a back seat to NO ONE in my love for and loyalty to Israel. It is a mansion in a crappy neighborhood and there is way more right about it than wrong. You want to disagree with me? Let the back-and-forth begin…