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Deep Breath - Update I

My friend reports that her friend sent a follow-up email stating that the Whole Foods Hates Israel thing is a hoax. I'm glad to hear that, but there's a lot of truth to those stories about the feathers or the broken mirror. (You can look it up if you don't know those tales.) Even Pandora couldn't put all the stuff back in the box.

Let's All Take a Deep Breath

I got one of those emails today. You know the kind: Run for the hills! Save yourselves! Anti-Semites and Anti-Israelis are on the attack! Klingons off the starboard bow!


Fortunately my friend simply wanted to know if I had heard anything about an email that had been sent to her. In a nutshell, it said that Whole Foods boycotts and removes Israeli goods and supports Ramadan - TAKE ACTION NOW!!! This person claimed to have investigated every possible website that does investigating and it's true and we have to take action now.

Did I mention that we have to take action now?


It took me about a minute to find the ADL's response; you can read it here. Bottom line, it's not true. Well, except for the teeny, tiny reality that - to help its Muslim customers celebrate/observe Ramadan - WF has provided halal foods that "meet the company's high quality standards."

Let me quote from the ADL's press release: "In particular, some have specifically c…