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The Tragedy of the Palestinians - Rabbi Micky Boyden

Sometimes you wish you wrote things that others did so eloquently. This is one of those times. B'shem omro ha-Rav Micky Boyden.
The Tragedy of the PalestiniansPosted onJuly 14, 2014by The United Nations reports that 177 Palestinians have been killed since Operation Protective Edge began a week ago. A quarter of the victims have been children. Palestinian medical sources say that some 1,280 people have been wounded. All of this is a tragedy. It did not have to happen. Two sisters aged 13 and 11 were seriously injured by shrapnel in a village close to Beersheba earlier today. Of course the numbers hurt on our side are considerably lower than those on the Palestinian side. We build bomb shelters and reinforced rooms in which our families can hide when Hamas fires rockets at an innocent population. By contrast, Hamas uses civilians as human shields and prefers to use the concrete at its disposal to build massive tunnels into Israeli territory in an attempt t…