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The Blessing of Balance and Humility - A Spiritual Trifecta

Four days ago my cousin, an herbalist, created the "10 Days of Positivitea" challenge. No dumping ice water on my head (which I did), her gentle invitation was to spend a few minutes a day with myself, a meditation, an intention, and a cup of tea. Truth be told, I'm not a tea drinker, so I enjoy my husband's yummy daily coffee, but the rest is as directed.

Simultaneously I am participating in my colleague Rabbi Phyllis Sommer's #BlogElul, a daily opportunity to prepare for Rosh Hashanah using prompts provided by Rabbi Sommer. 

And one more thing, I and several dozen rabbis and cantors are engaged in a program of learning mussar, a Jewish text-based method of self-explorative learning of how to apply middot (Jewish values) such as humility, kindness, righteousness, patience, and equanimity to our lives and – by extension – within our communities. As do all mussar students, we began a month ago with anavah, humility. 

Today the three opportunities gently brush up agai…