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#BlogElul and #ElulGram 2016

Elul 5776 is the month before Rosh Hashanah 5777. It starts on September 3, 2016.

It's the month for cheshbon hanefesh; an internal reconciling in preparation for the Days of Awe (not that we shouldn't be engaging in self reflection the rest of year, by the way).

For several years, my colleague Rabbi Phyllis Sommer has led her initiative #BlogElul and (most recently) #ElulGram. (Her description is here.)

As a Jew, a Jewish leader - a leader of Jews? - I see #BlogElul as a way to both teach about the value of introspection and to engage in it myself.

Don't just read my posts ... I invite you to read and comment and share my thoughts and even blog your own Elul. You can post thoughts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ... on any social media outlet you wish. If you do, add #BlogElul and/or #ElulGram so that Rabbi Sommer and the rest of us can follow along.

And so here I go again. I guarantee my posting won't be consistent. I'll aim for perfection, but I'm sure to mi…

Johnny Cash and a small town in Southern New England ...

You know you're a musician when you're picking someone up at your local train station late at night, you hear the whistle in the distance, and all you can think of is this.

I really do live in a small town.