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Healing - midweek 2

Yeah, I know - pretty ridiculous posting this with my profile picture as it is - I just haven't had a chance to change the picture.

One week and 4 days into "healing," and Stan and I saw the orthopedist this afternoon.

Stan first: he is healing nicely (which, I have learned, is relative term - as in, "relative to not going off the bike..." or "relative to not having our insides ripped out ..." or relative to not getting on a motorcycle in the first place ...") and progressing exactly as the doctor wants. His knee, which had previously resembled something you'd see in one of the "Nightmare on Elm Street" or similar slice-and-dice movies, is actually looking much better. Prognosis is good - and he has about 4-6 weeks of absolutely NO weight-bearing on his left leg. The doctor says he can go back to work as long as he's comfortable and doesn't put any weight on the left leg. Stan's aiming for a shortened day on Monday so he can get to work on his office desk, which is drowning in charts of patients his hygienists have been seeing these past two weeks. Once he can put some weight on his leg, it will be in tiny increments while he continues physical therapy.

Me: I had this fantasy that I'd have an x-ray, the doctor would pronounce me miraculously cured and healed, he'd take off the cast and put me into a walking boot and I'd go back to the gym on for my Monday morning spinning class. Not. I've got at least 3 more weeks in the cast followed by a "walking boot" and physical therapy (didn't expect that one), and the doctor was pretty insistent that I keep my leg elevated as absolutely much as possible. I thought I might try my hand at working tomorrow evening/Shabbat morning, but I think I'm going to pass for one more week - my leg is pretty swollen and my ankle really hurts at the end of the day. I will go into the office on Monday, though. I did cancel my 2-week faculty tour of duty at Eisner Camp. Even though it's the end of July/early August, Stanley will just be starting to tiptoe around on his leg, and I cannot leave him for 2 weeks.

And as for the future of the bike/biking: The motorcycle is repaired (I thought we were going to get an estimate first, but I guess not) to the tune of $2K+. BUT in response to Stan's question, the doctor said (good news) that should he harm that leg again, the leg won't break - it can't b/c of the titanium rod. BUT (bad news), the injury will fan out to his ankle and/or his knee and shatter either or both - and that recovery would definitely be problematic. So the bike riding days are over. No, my children are NOT getting the bike or the scooter - at least not right now ... I don't think I could handle the fear.

Every so often I think that maybe I'll take on the Connecticut legislature and work on getting a mandatory helmet law reinstated up here. It's a futile fight, no doubt, but I have no issue tilting windmills.

That's it for now - we're managing thanks to family and friends who have been tremendous support.


Linda S. said…
Dear Penny,

So sorry to hear about your accident. Does this mean you won't be in Chicago? Chaval! Refua Shlayma and fast!


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