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Michael Jackson, meet Richard Nixon

We now know that in 1973, the "private" Richard Nixon spewed racist and anti-Semitic garbage. I say "private" because we hear the pronouncements he made in the Oval Office thanks to the non-stop recording device in his office. Abortion is a good thing for interracial pregnancies (I assume he meant black men impregnating white women) and - oh, yeah - for rape. Nice. Should there be an increase in anti-Semitism, it would all be the Jews' own fault because they were complaining about the increase in evangelical missionary work in the US. Nice.

Apologists are minimizing his spouting filth - at least about Jews - by remarking his loyalty to the State of Israel, as though being an anti-Semite and being a supporter of Israel are mutually exclusive. I disagree. I believe that "Rev." John Hagee is an anti-Semite because he truly believes that we Jews only exist to provide for his desperately anticipated Armageddon - and I believe that he loves Israel for the same reason. I'm sure others can give the poli-sci viewpoint on Nixon's love affair with Eretz Yisraeil; all I can say is that it doesn't matter.

And now Michael Jackson. In a video for "They Don't Care About Us," Jacko - in his wisdom and depth of intellectual prowess - includes "Jew me, sue me" and "Kick me, Kike Me" (you can read the ADL's reaction here). Was Jackson an anti-Semite? Based on eight words, it's hard to tell. I don't believe there's anything else in his repertoire of lyrics that would suggest such a thing ... but I'm pretty sure that had a Jewish performer included racially inflammatory/bigoted crap in one of his/her songs/videos, the world would have been up in arms (so to speak).

But here's what I guaranted is going to happen. Apologists for Nixon will point to Jackson and do their best to make them equivalent in their bigotry. And that just won't fly. Michael Jackson was a pathetic creature, who - by the 1990's - had long seen his peak in creativity and success. Talented, yes. Brilliant dancer, yes. Brilliant in anything else? Please. Nixon, on the other hand, was a sitting president in 1973. Talented, yes. Brilliant, possibly. THE representative of the United States? Absolutely - and therein lies the difference. Any attempt to equate the two is absurd (but again - I guarantee it's going to happen).

Jackson should've stuck to doing the moon walk. Nixon should just have stuck to keeping his mouth shut. The only thing they had in common was a pathetic need to be in control and in the center of the universe


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