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God and the NFL

I had a chance to talk about God with my Hebrew School kids this morning, several hours before the last two football playoff games. I think - I hope - that I challenged some of them to think about God in a previously unconsidered way. In traditional fashion, I asked the questions and then provided the answers.

"Does God care who wins the playoffs/Superbowl?"
No. Corollary question: Does God favor one team over another? No.
God only cares that the players play fairly. No "juicing" up, no dirty tricks.

"Does praying to God for the (pick your team) to win make a difference?"
No more than praying for a bicycle gets you one or for a good grade (minus the studying) gets you a B. And in fact, it's actually pretty demeaning to God - if something can be said to demeaning to God - to ask God to intervene on behalf of a football game, as though God were some kind of cosmic puppet master, moving the strings on the players.

An aside: I've always wondered exactly w…