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Am I Wise? Hmmmm ...

Come on, dude ... lighten up.

Today's going to be a long day (don't snark, I know they're all 24 hours). I have a lot of to-do's on my list. It's the kind of day where it would be really easy for me to lose perspective, lose my sense of humor, and take life way too seriously and personally.

Before I even had a chance to learn about the focus of today's #10daysoftea Positivitea Challenge, I started my day watching Thursday night's (August 28) episode of the Colbert Report where, in the middle of a laugh-out-loud segment on vaporizing alcohol (you have to watch it to get the joke), Colbert loses his composure and breaks out laughing at his own nonsense. I laughed out loud right along.

Then I read the #10daysoftea meditation, and I started to laugh. If Colbert he can make fun of himself and his ridiculously over-the-top character, I can chuckle at myself today, too.

My #intention for today: Lighten up, sweet pea. Take time to #laugh, especially at the things that I tend to take way to ser…

A Worry Wart No Longer

At the tender age of 5, I was accused of being a worry wart by my kindergarten teacher. While mocking me wasn't the wisest course of action, she was right: I was an anxious kid, terrified that my parents - when they were late picking me up - were either dead in a car crash or had abandoned me, and terrified that a kindergarten classmate would be left behind because she was dawdling.

I was 5 years old, and I was a wreck.

I spent the better part of my lifetime living in an uncertain future, worrying about the weather's not cooperating, about friends being in car accidents (that was a constant thread), about people I loved dying, about being poor and tossed into the street. The convoluted and circular reasoning went like this: since none of those terrible things happened, obviously the positive results were the result of my worrying. No one else I knew worried about such things; obviously they didn't understand how bad things could get.

Decades later, a search for a power gre…